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The movie is about a woman who is suicidal and wants to end her life but one of her family members gives her a card to a man who works for Germany. She meets the guy and ends up buying pills from him and he tells her to fill the container with the pills but to beware because there is one pills that is venomous so when ever she has a good day she can add more pills to the container so the chances of her getting the venomous one is less likely. Along the movie she meets a blind artist who can tell the difference between the colors by his smelling senses and talks about how it works to the woman. One day when she is going to take another pill she starts sniffing the pills to figure out which one is the venomous one until she does and puts more pills inside. She meets another man and falls in love and becomes somewhat happy and more satisfied with her life and she no longer thinks about dying. One day she is waking and there is music playing in the back ground and she's smelling her way through the streets and she comes to an alley way where she finds a homeless man on the ground twitching because he wants more drugs and he gets up and stabs the woman to death by a brick wall and the movies ends with that scene of her dying and bloody.
Idk what the movie is called , probably saw it about a year ago ? On show box pls help


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