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I am looking for the title of a movie that I saw 4 years (or so) ago - so I might be a bit off on some details.

The story is of a girl, her parents were wealthy (owned land) and she would go down to the grounds keepers house. I am a bit vague here, from memory it was a lady that lived there. Something happens to her parents and the grounds keeper sends her away with the grounds keepers son to protect the little girl.

Flash forward and the little girl has grown up, now a young woman. Both her and the man live as travelling hands. never staying in one place for too long as to raise suspicion. Their cover story is that He is her father. the flash forward starts with them working in a farm and living in the stable just about to move onto the next place. The girl is not happy with this nomadic life - but the man insists that is the way it needs to be.

They move to the new location, and the new landlord starts to gain an interest in the girl, but at the same time something else is developing in that pseudo father-daughter relationship. Then the land lord sees them in a passionate embrace (not how a real father and daughter should act) through the window.

He kicks them out, and I am pretty sure the movie ends there - but they live happily ever after not having to lie about their lives.


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