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Hi! You are my last hope!

Last time I watched it around 25-30 years ago (I'm 37 now), it was in Poland - a mid-Sunday show.

The theme was about a sailor (a soldier?), set in Victorian England (probably, but I would be surprised if it was early time of US colonisation...), The main character was called Stuart, or Steward (or something along these lines).
The story was about him being away from his home. There was a lot of green scenery - countryside. Scotland? Wales? ...

But most of all, I remember the music - it is haunting me terribly. Slightly melancholic, starting from an octave interval and going along IV,V progression repeating the theme. I believe I could write the notes - at least some of them... The theme was one of the most beautiful ones I've heard in TV - something along "The Winds of War' main motif...

To add insult to the injury, three years ago I've heard the theme on some random radio-station in Queensland, Australia - remixed into electronic music. It was like an electrical current going through my body. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to locate the station or the source of the music.

I know this is very unorthodox question, but would you be able to give me some suggestions? I cannot imagine dying without finding this theme again ;)
This film is like a distant dream, a memory of my home, my parents, our Sunday afternoons. The sense that accompanies memories of that film are hard to describe - border-lining with obsession....

Thank you kindly :))


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