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i watched a movie a long time ago about this man. he worked in a office in a big city and was engaged to a woman. i missed some of the movie so i only kow that because they mention it.
so anyway the guy ends up lost in a snowy place maybe a mountain. he meets this lady that has two kids (boy and a girl) and at first he is a jerk but then the kids start to like him and he starts to have fun with the kids. later he begins falling for their mother and he paints her potrait i think. at the end of the movie the fiancee find him and the lady thinks that he is going to go with her but the guy tells the fiancee that he doesnt love her anymore and she slaps him hard and starts to cry. then the guy goes back to the other lady.
there is also a bonding scene with the little boy where they are getting wood from a outdoor shed and it is such a cute scene.
i have been looking for this movie for years and any help would be great.


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