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Okkkkay so I've watched this movie about 4years ago I think between 2009-2012.. But I think the movie was older like 2000-2009.. I remember it well but some parts I don't
( it was a young girl with her little sister and their father they lived near a small wood factory that a young man named jack work there.. Someday she goes to boxing match jack was there he got hurt and she helped him after that they fall in love and get married.. Sometimes jack getting jealous and angry he was hitting his wife alot Alot then someday the girl and her little sister goes to some kind of celebration maybe family reunion I don't remember well and there she sees her cousin he is half blind or he can't see well I don't remember and after talking to him she falls in love with him he gave her a book I think and also he was sending her a letters .. Someday jack finds out about the letters he was angry she ran away with her cousin but she goes back again when she finds out that jack tried to suicide and forced to live with him
I remember also the end has swan lake song or something similar
That's all.. I love this movie so much but I don't know the name I've been searching alot and never stopped thinking about it if you helped me I'll appreciate it ❤❤


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