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Does anone know the name of the book that when the main character wakes up after being in a coma and finds her house destroyed and she thinks shes the only one there but her brother who turned into a beast tries to kill her but she climbs out the bathroom window and tries getting on the other side of the fence with the people who haven't turned but they don't let her because she has the mark of the highest ranked beast in her arm so she hides in the sewer with couple of people but then her former neighbor who is supposed to kill the beasts sees her and takes her to the camp he's staying at and protects her because she didn't change yet so he didn't want to kill her but later they both leave the camp and hide in buildings and stuff because the other people at the camp threatened to kill her and in the end they put her in the fighting place with 2 beasts and one protects her but the other tries to kill her. And the beast that is protecting her is her brother. And the way they got down there was because when they were in the sewer the people amd the main character was staying with turned them in to the head people of the fighing place. And they are kept in rooms but there more like cages before the actual fighting happens.


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