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I'm looking for the title of a movie I saw on TCM in May.
I apologize, as I don't know the decade of the movie, and the details I have are sketchy:

A woman has an affair with a married man. He is a politician of some sort, though I don't recall what office he was running for. The woman is in love with him, and from their brief affair has a child. He pretends he's adopted the child as a gift to his wife. He moves the mistress in as the governess, but the arrangement only lasts briefly,...she can't commit to it. She winds up pursuing work in a newspaper office, seeking out the help of an old friend who is a major reporter (and happens to have a crush on her). She winds up marrying him, although she never stops loving the politician. The newspaper reporter discovers the politician fathered his wife's child, and presents this information to his wife. She then kills him. I don't recall the exact ending, but I know the politician dies as well.


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