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Hi, I read a book from my high school library in 1971. It was also a movie, if I remember correctly. A man goes off to war (I think WWII) and gets so badly disfigured that he has someone notify his wife (or possibly his girlfriend?) that he was killed. They had a magnificent love before he left for the war and and she is beyond crushed upon news of his "death." Later, after she is remarried, he comes back (wishing to conceal his real identity) to see how she is getting along in her life as he is disguised by his injuries. Somehow she keeps thinking he seems so familiar and finally when he says a phrase it really reminds her of him. I forget how it ends, but I am pretty sure it was made into a movie. I would LOVE to find the title and re-read or re-watch the movie! The word "Tomorrow" might be in the title. Thank you so very much!


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