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I recently saw a movie a couple of months back and I'm having much
difficulty recalling the name of it. It's set in a late 60s 70s
English setting, it could be an American setting but itís about an
architect who not doing so well, he lives in this big house with his
mother who dies and he's there living now all alone. He goes to a
movie and while watching his film he encounters this young lady eating
popcorn they both end up crying about the film, when itís over they
walk and talk together, it so happens she stays over at his house as
she have nowhere to stay. He enjoys her company (they are not at all
in a relationship just good friends and he enjoys very much having a
woman around the house) she now remodels his living room and the walls
when he goes to work and returns to see she's removed his treasured
wall paper. Her friends think he is her father, he sits up and wait
for her when she's out late, and soon finds out she pregnant. She
wants to have an abortion but he persuades her not to and says that he
will take care of the child because he wants a child. He sees her
through her pregnancy and is there at her side since the birth of the
little girl who he loves so much. He taught the little girl to draw
and he cherishes every art piece she gives to him. The little girls
mom is now getting married and going to live in another state and the
man she is marrying want the child to with them. The architect who is
now heartbroken takes the little girl mother to court to get custody
of her claiming he acted as a father to the child and has a right to
have custody, the judge grants him rights to see the child in lieu
that he has always been there for both the mother and the child. The
movies ends with him being very excited about getting a drawing from
the little girl in the post. Can someone please tell me the name of
this movie? Thank you in advance.


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