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Thanks in advance for any help. What I remember is that generally the film was about how a daughter from a wealthy family does not want to marry the man who has been arranged for her by her father and will just move out of their home and live as she wants to. The main scene I remember is one in which she is now having to live with her "real" mother in a run down abode and is visited by a man (former lover, brother, ??). He is invited to eat with them by her poor and embarrassingly uneducated/uncultured mother. The mother hands the man his utensil and he looks at it and it has a piece of something on it that he has to flick off with his fingernail and the daughter is so embarrassed. Eventually, I think she does get back in the good graces of her (maybe adopted/foster/given-to?) family and is allowed by her father to marry who she wants and not have to be poor. I think another scene was also at the poor mothers house and someone visits her with a cart and balloons and such? Maybe that is the same visit, not sure.


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