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Well, I read this book. I remember as I was finishing it, something happened in my life, I mean right at the moment, or the thing happened, almost as I finished, then I went back to reading and ....... well, all I can say is the last few lines of the book, were a match up for the event that had just happened to me.... so, I remember thinking that I had just experienced the most amazing synchronicity in the world... and that, this was like an answer to life... it was a real epiphany...
So, you'd think that I would have kept the book and would have had this in my mind for ever right?... Well, I do not know what to tell you, but, I guess it's like... we really did live past lives and cannot remember them, because we are not suppose to have it so easy to figure out this life... or something, so we stay unconscious... so, my mind sort of block out the specifics of ths situation.. .
So, the book... I really do not even remember what the story was about... or the plot... all I remember is this girl went to and Island. There was a mansion, wisteria grew all over it... they would have tea outside with silver.. I remember something about silver it seems... I think there was a part in which she and maybe someone else, would go up to a path on a hill that over looked the ocean and the mansion.. but, it was like there was a secret too, about his or something...


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