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Hi! I'm trying to find out what the name is for a movie that i saw a long time ago. A Pregnant woman murdered her husband (i think maybe just the father of her child) after she killed him she stuffs his body in a coffin or suitcase and puts him in the luggage area of a train but one of the workers on the train sees blodd leaking from her luggage and calls the police and they arrest the woman. Her baby is given to another family seing as her mother is in prison. When her dotter is grown and has her own children her mother is realesed or escapes from prison she looks for her dotter and finds her in need of a nanny so the woman pretands like she there to nanny for the family and goes to extreme lengths to help her daugther and grandchildren (like killing the neibours noisy dog). Please help me find the name to this movie, i diden't get a chanse to see the ending and really want to kown how it ends.


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