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I think this may have been on BBC as a series. It may be something like "No. (something something) Road). There is a woman who is the daugter of a rich man, who falls in love with someone the father doesn't approve of. They meet together in secret. There is an older woman who helps them, she gets him to give her a lock of his hair. The man goes to India for a year, and I remember this scene where the man tells her he is leaving in a park and asks her not to make a scene and she gets upset. It turns out the man only wanted her for her money. He leaves permanently, but comes back once more. The woman is teaching music lessons, and a child it waiting to be picked up after the lesson. She's playing a song about red string. The man asks if the woman hates him. She says no, but don't come back here again. Any of this sounding familiar to anyone?


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