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In 2012 I saw a movie about an American woman (actress similar appearance to Terri Hatcher)who meets and marries a German officer in the late 1920's early 30's and moves to Germany with him. Later, she daily passes by a P.O.W. camp/cage on her way to his office (before the US is in the war). She is repeatedly called to from the camp, and gives into a British POW's request for medicine, only to discover that he used the medicine containers to make escape equipment, but gets caught. She is arrested for helping him but is surprised when taken to a hotel instead of jail by the arresting officer. While she is taking a bath, the arresting officer dismisses the guard at her door. The arresting officer wears an olive green uniform without insignia and tries to rape her. She hits him over the head with a piece of art (statue) she finds next to her bed, probably killing him and escapes into the street, where she boards a local bus. She escapes through Switzerland and makes it back to the US. Her parents and she try to get her husband freed, as he was arrested and held hostage to make her comply with whatever. He survives the war, and they are reunited at the end.


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