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I think it was a made-for-TV drama, probably produced around the mid-1990s. I watched it in French on Canal+ and I remember the French title being "L'autre" (which translates as "The Other" in English) but I can't find it on Google. It is the story of a young orphan who is sent to live with relatives and ends up being bullied by her cousins. Her aunt, who really resents her, allows the bullying to continue and the only affection she receives is from a man who lives on the fringe and is either a blacksmith or sells horses. When she is old enough,her aunt forces her into marriage with, I think, the village butcher or grocer but she flees, as soon as she has said her vows, and ends up at the stables where the drunk blacksmith angrily declares his love for her. She continues running away in the forest and he follows her because he knows how dangerous the forest can be. He ends up with his leg in a bear trap and needs urgent surgery. After assisting with the surgery, she returns to her husband but starts having an affair with the blacksmith. Her husband eventually dies and she is free to be with the love of her life.


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