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HI, I've been looking for a thai drama. i don't remember when it came out. It came out around 1990-2007? The story line is about a princess running away from out and out of the country. She ran away from her parents because she doesn't want to get married. She brings along two people(a man and a woman and the look after her) she meets bump into a little girl and soon met her father or uncle(i don't remember) the princess(who knows how to fight) and her two bodyguards goes and lives with the cop. And the cop is working on a case which is connected to the princess, because the enmies are after the princess. The cop and the princess falls in loves, however the cop doesn't know that she is a princess. the princess soon gets captures by the enimies and the royal family soon comes back to take her, only to find out that she is taken away. The cop run after her and finally gets the princess to safety. but the princess is force to have to go back home. The king and the queen doesn't them two to be together but in the end they finally gets together. I really want to rewatch this.


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