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I must have seen this movie about 40 years ago. In the first half of the movie, a woman is in the hospital going through child birth. I don't believe there is a husband. There are family members at the hospital which I remember is a brother who is a priest who, during the period this movie is taking place, is the only one who can legally make medical decisions for the sister who is in labor. The problem is that the baby's head is too big and the two options doctor has given to priest brother is either smash the head of the baby and the sister lives, or if the baby is delivered, the sister dies. As he is a priest, he can't give permission to kill the baby and save his sister. The baby is born and the sister dies. The last half of the picture is the baby all grown up and is in labor herself. She is somewhere in the cold wilderness - can't remember why. I believe she is with her husband. But from what I remember, they get through what ever the complication was and the baby is safely delivered and mother survives childbirth. I believe the movie ends that mother, baby and father, I think he was the father of baby, get on a dog sled which takes them back to safety.


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