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Hello, I would be very happy, if somebody could help. I have been desperately searching for 3 years already for a film/serial not sure. It could be around 20 years old film and story situated in the end of 19 century I guess. The plot was as I remember following:
A aristocratic lady escape with her little son from her cruel husband. She find herself in poverty and it is forced to accept work of dressmaker, however she does not realize that this tailors shop is in fact offering woman employees as prostitutes. At the same time a man is taken by a friend to this place to pick up a lady company for night. He was never in such place, but encourage by his friend he pick up the aristocratic lady. She realized what is going on a offended walks away. He realizes his mistake and as gentleman offers protection. He is taking care of her and showing new life. Although he is very surprised that manners of poor dressmaker are so aristocratic. He tries to find out her story while he keeps falling in love with her and the relation develops between them. Finally she is forced to return to home where she kills her husband by accident when she tried to protect herself from him. Her employees make up a story the he was killed by horse. And then of course a happy ending. Thank you so much Tania

P.s. There are some additional info, I have gained from another girl (Mia) also searching for this film: I seem to remember that the abusive husband had some very high standing in Germany, and the boy's name was Friedrich. At some point the husband/father found his missing family and tried to run them over with a horse and wagon? The heroine/mother shouted: Friedrich, watch out (in German: pass auf!).
There was also a scene when the woman's new love interest took her to some dressmaker's and she was very discriminating about what kind of clothes they had on offer... to the point that the man raised his eyebrows higher and higher.
Did this help any?


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