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Hi! I remember seeing a movie when I was younger but I cannot remember the name! what I do remember is that it is about a woman who falls in love with a man but he needs to leave for war. she then falls in love with another guy (I think they make love in a barn) and they are really in love but then the first guy comes back and he has no legs, I think. so she tells the second guy that she needs to break up with the first guy and the second guy promises that he will wait for her at a railway. but she never comes back because she feels sorry for the guy without legs and finally the second guy starts a family of his own with her best friend (I THINK) and the girl returns because her husband died and sees the family and the second guy and her talks about how he waited for her but she never came home and then I think it ends with filming their special tree or something??

Please, I would really appreciate if anyone knew :)


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