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I saw this movie/mini series about 10-13 years ago. A woman is to be married but her fiancÚ is sent to war, and goes MIA. She becomes a nurse in order to look for him and eventually finds him, but he had already found someone else, so somehow she ends up becoming a military photographers assistant and meets an officer and falls in love and the day they are to marry he is killed.(going into an underground tunnel he is blown up) now at or after his funeral one of his men basically blames her for his death. Now somewhere down the road these two meet again and he comes and apologizes for what he had said, now I don't remember how they ended up staying together but at this point she feels like she is cursed so does not want to date this guy nor fall in love with him, but he sticks around and eventually they do fall in love, but at some point he photographer mentor is killed leaving behind his asian wife and children and once the wife here's he died she poisons herself and the kids but by some chance the baby survives and they decide to adopt the baby together, but he is sent into war and she waits for him to return but time passes and he too is reported MIA, now the baby is at an orphanage and is going to be sent somewhere(I can't remember) but the plane the baby is supose to be on crashes, the girl rushes to the orphanage in a panic, but when she gets there she is told the babies father came to get it. So rushes to find who to the baby and it is none other than her love(the third guy) beat up and bearded but it's him! YAY!!! Does anyone know of this movie/mini series, I've been searching for years tried every Google search possible, red hundreds of movie descriptions watched all of there trailers to no avail! Help!!


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