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I'm not sure what the time period was shown in the movie, but I do remember it being on T.V a few times. It was about a woman who has a baby that she keeps, but she has to work in order to provide for them both. So on a snowy night she finds a home where she thinks the caretakers will take care of her child while she works but she is mistaken when a woman with red head says she is "terribly sorry but the only way they could take care of her child is if she gives her child up. This upsets the woman who walks away from the establishment. There is another scene which shows her working for an wealthy family and the son/heir needs a wife. The family offers her an ultimatum regrading her future/employment with them. If she chooses to marry the son/heir then she and her child will be taken, but if she refuses then she will have to seek employment elsewhere. This woman had blonde hair and the girl who played her daughter had black hair. Please reply if you happen to know the Title to this movie.


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