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Movie is in French; it's about an officer who pursues a woman (which he calls a coquette). He is madly in love with her, but she continues to lead him on. I believe he writes a letter giving her an ultimatum, something happens and she doesn't met him. He stops his pursuit and she comes to realize that she loves him. She pursues him at no avail, at last she writes a letter with an ultimatum. He gets caught up with his friends and does not meet her. Final chapter he is scouring France for her when he finds her, she's at a Convent. She refuses to see him and it's against the rules. He manages to see her, but she refuses him. That night she dies. It's a love story about to stubborn and proud individuals. And it's tragic consequences, it's really captivating. Does any one recognize this movie and know the name? Have searched the internet with all variations of descriptions, without luck. Except I found this site! Thank you!


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