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Okay I honestly don't remember much of this movie at all. I don't know what time period it was set in but I know it was not a modern day film at all. I think it may have been set in Europe in maybe the 17 or 1800's. It was about a young woman learning to become a nun who hates it and one day they (all of the other young nuns) line up at the priests little window thing to confess, and he just grabs their chests and basically sexually harasses them. None of the girls say or doing anything back. But when it's the main characters turn and he grabs her (inappropriately) and she in return stabs his hand with her knitting needle and runs. Then literally runs away from the convent entirely. She keeps running until she reaches a fountain, then she kind of gets in and splashes around in it because she's happy she's free. After that it's all kind of a blur and I could be completely off about what I thought I remembered about it before. I remember sometime later in the movie she hides in the stable of a rich manor (I think). I really love period dramas and historical movies and I never got to finish this one so many years ago. Sorry my description is vague and probably not right on but hopefully someone will be able to help me out. Oh and what I thought I remembered the title to be was something along the lines of " The life of Meg (something)" but instead of Meg it was some female European name that started with M, but I could be totally wrong about the title. I wish I knew the the year it was released but it didn't seem like a really old movie to me so maybe the late 90's early 2000's????? Please help! Thanks.


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