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It seemed to be during the early 1900's. The woman is there to take care of an elderly woman and lives with her. They are in the city (Possibly London). The elderly woman's son (who is a widower). The gentleman asks her at one point to marry him. She does and moves to his estate. He and her get to know one another (She learns that he is left handed). He also shows her a secret area to go from one room to another. He gets summoned away for a war. His sister or cousin and her husband show up unexpectedly. At first there is no issue. They at one point are playing badminton. Then she realizes that she is being drugged and stops taking tea from them. At one point she is in the hiding spot as she hears them approaching her husband's room. She hers about a plot against her and her husband. She also comes to know that the letter they showed her is not written by her husband, because it is written on an angle that shows it was written with a right hand and not left.

I saw this episode this past spring (2014) and have been searching for it with no luck. It was after Downton Abbey or Sherlock. On PBS, not sure if it was a Masterpiece Theater show or not. Definitely British.


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