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Hello, this is a black and white movie I saw about twenty years ago. The film I believe starts with this vry old lady who is talking about her past to three other older gentlemen who have always been in love with her. As she is telling the story, she mentions how she slept with a man whom she loved dearly. Her lover sailed away leaving her behind, but promised to return for her. The lover continued writing to her. In one letter the lover tells her to wait for her at 12 midnite, I can't remember if it is Christms or newyrs, at a church so that they can get married, but he never shows up and she would always wait by the sea for him but he never did return and she never married because she had already been with a man. At the end of the movie The men bring the lover to her who is already as old as her, but he does not even remember her and she regrets having wasted all her years waiting for him to return.


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