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Hi - like everyone I've been wracking my brain to remember this title of this movie.
I saw it on tv within the last year or two max, possibly on masterpiece classic.
It's set sometime brown the 1920s and 40s (I think? I know - slightly broad timeframe) in the UK. The main drama takes place at a girls school - possibly a boarding school.
The protagonist is an inexperienced teacher - I think she arrived to interview for the position to get away from something else in her life and had no prior thought/interest in teaching - and somehow got the job.
One of her colleagues is a man around her age - late 20s-early 30s? - with whom she becomes friendly and he develops a crush on her which he tells her about toward the end. They may have that conversation outside a bar or club when they're both smoking cigarettes.
There's also a young girl at the school who is a day student, and her father is mysterious and wealthy - ah - he might have been on the committee who hired the teacher? She gets lost in a rainstorm one day and ends up at their house.
She and the father have an attraction and I think his wife is in a mental hospital which prevents things from going to far.
I think toward the end she meets him out and she's either supposed to spend Christmas with him and doesn't or something like that. There might be an exchange of gifts.
At the same time she's becoming the top teacher, making the school amazing as it was on its last legs - I think?
After the think with the girl's father ends she decides to leave and go somewhere else because she feels there's nothing more for her there.
I may have screwed up some of the details but I think that's primarily right.
Thanks in advance for your help!


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