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In the 1980's, when I lived in the Soviet Union, I watched a show (serial) that had very beautiful (classical-type) music for it's opening. The show did not have to be Soviet--it could have been British, European, I don't remember. I recall the opening always showed a young woman, who was the star of this show, on a meadow and maybe a man on a horse, something like that. The only details I remember from this show is that this woman has a very young girl that was a friend (sister?), but in one of the episodes the girl gets sick and eventually the woman realizes that she has died when she goes into a church (monastery? old hospital?) and lifts a white sheet off of a body lying on a stretcher/bed and sees it is the young girl, dead. I know these are sparse details but if you have any ideas on what this show is, I'd greatly appreciate it!


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