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hey guys! I really home someone can help me, because there are two movies which have been bugging me for ages. The first one is a movie about an angel who falls in love with a blind girl and when she find out that he has been lying to her, he somehow managed to become human again and they got together, and i think at the beginning of the movie there was a cat involved. The other movie is, i think, kind of old, i think it was about a guy who came back from war and lost one of his legs so he got a prosthetic and his cousin, i think, who is quite younger falls in love with him, but she is also with another guy, but she find out that the other guy had cheated on her, so to get her back the 'bad' guy cuts off his leg, and the other guy - who she loves - i think he has some sort of fossils or sth like that that she was showing her, i remember the last scene where he came to her house and called her outside... and thats all i can remember, it was a very long time ago. I really, really hope someone can help me.


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