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this is not really a period drama but i don't know where else to ask. maybe a year or so i watched a 1930s-1940s movie that had to do with a women who wasn't interested in men. but one day i think she went to eat lunch then a man went up to her table asked if he could sit the to eat his. i forgot what she said. but basically the man ended up making her fall in love with him. he used to walk her to her apartment or house all the time. they would go out on dates, he would sleep with her. i'm not sure if she or he moved in with the other. um i think one day he left her a present, thinking he had left for work. then she got a phone call from a women asking her for him. she found out the women was the man's wife. the actress in the movie i think had a weird name. i remember she has been in a movie with rita hayworth i believe but i don't know which one because i can't remember the actresses' name. can someone help?


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