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the movie of two sisters , it talks about a time in the late 60's and early 70's, when the older sister goes to europe and follows the iriish revolutions, and during a task she kills an innocent man, so she leaves the whole thing with her lover , then commits suicide because of guilt, the point is she's an extremist and her young sisters idol, she the younger sister follows her after her death, and she gets with the same guy, and when he takes her to the place she jumped she wouldnt do it reffering to that being the difference between her and her sister, and it ends in a flashback scene she remembers when the two of them in some trip with their parents , decide to hide to scare their parents, adn when the parents call for them the younger one gets weak and wants tob go out while the older one insists,,,,
Whats the name.. its an american movie i think


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