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This is a film/tv film? set in somewhere colonial and hot-India? Africa? it involves a newly married couple who go and live there (white, aristocratic)they do not get on. She may have been forced to marry him because she was 'wayward' He mistreats her and ties her to a bed I think she is pregnant and she tries to escape. I think she has an affair with the gardener. There is a strong visual image of a black and white tiled floor and she is lying in a pool of blood-was she pushed down the stairs. Then I'm not sure but I think her child is brought up in a small house nearby by someone and she doesn't know her heritage and she finds the 'big house' one day. She is recognised by a maid there, she has a flash back and recognises some wallpaper and a cupboard. Can't recall. She had parents who were cruel and distant and a sister I think. Early in the film there is a strong visual image of a snake/lizard moving silently through the class.


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