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I rented a British mini-series in the mid-90's, or thereabouts, which may have been set in the late-1800's or early 1900's. I'm guessing. There may have been automobiles.

A woman is a cook - maybe starts out in a great house - eventually sets up her own catering business(in London, I think), very well respected. The scene I remember and liked best is when she is hired to help out for a house party in a country house, and arrives to find the kitchen filthy and the staff full of attitude. She wins a stand-off with the resident cook, brings in outside help (her own staff, I think?), scrubs everything up and pulls off a great menu.

She marries at some point, then later on the King becomes attracted to her, and she must be his mistress. He visits her at their home from time to time. Neither her nor her husband like it, but have no choice, and she ends up fond of him.

I have a feeling the title may be her name, but I may well be wrong. I remember it being a quality drama. I liked her intelligence and her toughness.

Thanks for any help in finding this! I'd love to see it again.


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