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I'm trying to find this movie that I saw sometime in the early to mid 90s. I'm not sure when it was made. It was set sometime in the 14 to 1700s. The only part I can remember is that at the end of the movie, the main character is in a remote castle and is very ill. He has a servant that he sends every day to watch the sea at the cliffs, waiting for a ship. If the ship has a red sail, it means that the woman he loves is coming to him, if it has a white sail, it means she is not. One day, the ship comes with a red sail, but the servant lies to the man and says the woman he loves isn't coming and he dies before his lover arrives. Any of the details could be wrong. I also have a vague sense that they couldn't be together because she married someone else, and also that he's in some kind of exile.


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