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Okay, so I remember watching this a long time ago. It was like a mini series or something that was made in the 70's or 80's and I think it was based on a novel? My memory is kind of hazy on it, and I think it saw it on lifetime. I remember it being about this English couple in the 30's looking at an old house, and the woman wants to rejuvenate it. They end up doing that, and then later on have some kids. I remember the dad had to go to war (wwll?) and during that time I think it was German or English soldiers that came and took over the house (which is like a mansion) and I remember the soldiers raping the woman and her maid. The woman ends up falling in love I think with one of the soldiers and he kind of becomes a father figure to the kids. But the eldest son doesn't like him? I also remember one of the kids gets sick and dies. The dad ends up coming back from the war but is in a wheel chair. I also think the woman has an affair with the soldier and has some of his children, but I'm not for sure on this. Her children grow up and one of them ends up having a model girlfriend, but the girlfriend has an affair with the eldest brother and gets caught. The daughter ends up marrying some man who ends up to be abusive. That's all I can remember from it, does anyone know what I'm talking about? I really liked it!


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