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this post is driving me crazy!...I know the film you are speaking of but I can't remember the title... think the film centered around the relationship between the mom and her son,it's a British film ( I think) the father is a brute and abusive to the mom..she lives through her son...he goes to America and succeeds and brings a very wealthly but nasty American fiance home to meet the parents...the house is very drab but the mom in her excitement has spent hours " fixing it up"..they vist but only spend a short time ( you can tell the bride to be is disgusted by his family)..the mom gives the couple a keepsake ( a baby blanket or something that belonged to the son, she had been saving it for years)...he thanks her, but is uncomfortable with the situation and when they leave the fiance throws the keepsake in the trash outside...from there draw a blank except think I remember towards the end of the film the mother finally liberates herself and leaves the husband...


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