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Look for a period drama I saw on tv several years ago , I think the movie should have been made between 1988 and 1995. I remember only a few things about that movie but it was so beautiful. It was about a Young girl who ends up being an orphan after her father dies. She then begins traveling and meets a Young man, he's a bit older than her, they begin traveling together, at some point she ends up at an orphanage and he goes to get her but the orphanage goes up in flames and for a little while there he thinks she's dead but she's not. At the end she's supposed to travel by boat with an uncle maybe and he gets on the boat unseen by the others to see her, he kisses her and he tells her that he'll be back for her and that's how it ends.

Been thinking about this movie for lots of years but so far never had the luck of seeing it again on tv or remembering who were the actors. I hope somebody can help me identify it.



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