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So a watched a period drama and now I am totally blank on title, cast, year and most of the plot. This is what i remember:
A Young woman is at a ball with her father and sister, who are both encouraging her to find a eligible husband as her fathers fortune is slipping away. The girl isn't that keen on being forced in to a marriage for the money and finds it difficult to flirt and engage the men at the ball, she is not naturally as outgoing as her older sister. During the evening the young woman gets fed up and feels lightheaded. She finds her way to the terrace and goes outside unescorted for fresh air. As she leans against a pillar a young man comes out as well. He wants to make sure she is okay and approaches her. At the same moment she feels dizzy trips and falls in to the bushes below. He hurries down to help her. Inside people have heard the woman's scream (as she fell) and they hurry outside and find the two on the ground in a somewhat compromising position. Her father is furious (and not late to se the opportunity of the moment) and accuses the young man of robbing his daughter of her innocence. The young man is furious with the young woman and accuses her of trapping him into marriage. However as he is a gentleman there is nothing to do the two must marry at the displeasure of them both.
That's what I remember - can anybody help me?
(And sorry about the misspellings - autocorrect!)


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