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Your site is excellent!! I could do with some help from you. A couple of years ago I watched a wonderful bbc film.The main actress was fatty and had black curly hair. The story resembled the one of Jane Eyre,but I don't remember if it was an adaptation or a different story. I believe the latter, since I remember that a) in the beggining the girl, together with her brothers and sisters (?)received a long-expected letter about her appointment at the castle b) he owner of the castle, for whom she had fallen, humiliated her and beat her and in the end sent her away, while she was pregnant from him. I don't remember many other things, I was so sleepy while watching! So,it wasn't the 2006 version of "Jane Eyre", nor even any other version . So,which film is it? I am searching desperately but can't find it.Please help!


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