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Saw this film years ago on TCM.

Filmed in: Black & White

Language: English

I think it's set during WWII and takes place (I think) in Japan but I could be wrong. It is also begins in the winter.

An American soldier (I think he was in the airforce) wanders into a bar and wins a game of cards, the man that lost to him doesn't really have anything to give except for a daughter, so he gives him his daughter, but he doesn't want her.
He rescues her and she thinks she has to serve him... my memory is fuzzy, but I think she had a father.

She doesn't speak English so she ignores him and believes that her job is to look after him.

There's also a asian looking little boy that looks up to the soldier and likes to talk to him and follow him.

Eventually the soldier accepts he's stuck with this girl, but then there are bombs dropped and I think both the woman and the boy are killed


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