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The movie I'm looking for I saw on TCM. I believe it was black&white but it might've been color. I think the movie was made in the 30's. It's about a man (maybe a dr.) who falls in love with a horrible woman (i think she's a prostitute). She does not love him back. Many years later he finds her homeless and with child, still very much in love with her he takes her in. When he goes out, i believe she destroys his apartment, and steals his money, leaving him with nothing. Later he finds that she is very sick and she eventually dies. In the midst of all this he pays visits to his good friends, a husband & wife with children. They have a daughter who he eventually ends up asking for her hand in the end. I would appreciate it so, so much if someone could help me out with any info. If it helps the actors in the movie had accents. I think the lead character might've been English or German, maybe even French. I don't think it's Brian Aherne though. Thank you for letting me post this-Janelle


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