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Iím wondering if anyone can help me. This has been driving me insane for ages. I have posted what I remember on various sites in the past with the hope that I will find something, but I donít have much to go on. I have a vivid memory of one scene in my head, and I believe it was from a TV show or miniseries, only because I feel like the characters were familiar to me. Itís like the show title is sitting at the front of my brain with a big CENSORED sign over it. Anyway, I do know that I saw it on TV no later than 1996. It would have been broadcast in Canada, but Iím not sure it was a Canadian production. I was quite young and accents were pretty much lost on me. I think it was probably set around the turn of the century, and for the longest time I thought it was an episode of Road to Avonlea. It was not. In my searches I came across a scene in The Fifteen Streets which is very similar, but not the one I was looking forÖ introduced me to Catherine Cookson though, so totally worth it.

I will do my best to describe what I remember: Itís either night or in stormy weather, because the scene was dark. There are a few children on a ledge, which I always thought was a bridge of some sort. There is at least one girl and two boys, and possibly a third boy. One of the boys is either recovering from an illness, younger, or for whatever reason physically weaker than the other boy, because what starts out as a dare takes a dangerous turn when the stronger of the two boys starts bullying the other one into jumping from the ledge into what is probably water below. The girl with them realizes things have turned bad and tries to stop the bully from pushing the other boy over. I believe the scene cuts back and forth from the children to the adults at home who, for whatever reason, know there is trouble and are searching for the children. Eventually two of the men arrive in time to save the weak boy from being shoved into the water. I think they are probably the father and uncle of these kids or something, all I know is that they have some sort of relationship to them and did not happen by them on accident. There may also be a young woman who arrives with them or first, in fact I think the memory I have of she and the younger girl is overlapping. Anyway, the boy is rescued, both boys end up back at the same house, where the weaker boys is looked after by his mother. I think you can hear him crying or something over the incident while she takes care of him. I think the episode ended here, or close to this point. The entire scene I recall happens close to the end of an episode, maybe in the last few minutes or so.

Iím sorry this is such a long winded description for such a small piece of a show, but any help would be great. I know I didnít make it up!


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