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Hi, I remember when I was 8 or 9 years old I saw this movie with my older sister, I remember some scenes vaguely, the movie was about a family I think the time was set up around after WWI or WWII, the mother dies and the father is left alone with the children, he has to work and hires a nanny, one day he comes home early and finds one of his children on the road almost run over by a car or truck, he asks for the nanny and the children tell him she kicked them out and finds her having sex with her boyfriend and kicks her out, the father has to continue working and leaves the children alone under the care ol the eldest. The nanny in vengeance contacts the police and child services and take the children away from their father, finding him unsuitable, they leave the children in cruel orphanages, where they beat them and force to hard labor, one of them gets sick, and in the meantime the father is doing everything possible to get them back he even finds another woman and marries to get his children back, never saw the ending I believe one of the children dies. Please help I've been searching for this movie for years


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