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So my mum was telling me that when she was a kid she watched this movie, so around the 70's or 80's.

Its about a poor woman had a bad husband but he died. She had Two little boys and just had a baby girl. And one day she went shopping And left the baby in the pram outside.

And there was a rich woman who tried to have a baby previously but it died she was desperate for a child. She was pregnant when her husband went overseas for work but she had a miscarriage and didn't tell him.

So as she was driving around she saw the baby outside the shop in the pram alone, so she stole it.

And when her husband returned she told him that was there baby. They raised her till she was an adult and they eventually die.

The baby is a woman now and was playing on her mothers old piano when she found her mothers diary. As she read it she found out that her parents weren't here real parents.

So she does a lot of investigating and finally finds her mother who is old now and remarried with another daughter.

Please if u know the name tell me. I've tried googling it but I had no luck.


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