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Okay...I have stumped many a period drama enthusiast with this one, but I can't remember the title for the life of me. I think I saw it on netflix but I don't know. Here is starts at an affluent home that is struggling with 3 or 4 sisters and a single mother (I think). The youngest sister is sent to live with their cranky great aunt, whom the other sister's had met but she had not. The old lady eventually takes a liking to her and they become quite close then the aunt's nephew or son comes home from school I think and the girl and him fall in love. I remember the scene where they tell the aunt vividly. The girl and the aunt are sitting in a dark room she is reading to the aunt and the aunt is sewing they are sitting next to each other the aunt on the right facing the stairs. The son come down the stairs and tells the aunt he is in love with a girl and how wonderful she is. The aunt is thrilled and then the girl stands up and stands next to him when she sees the aunt is pleased as reveals she is the girl he is talking about. The aunt is LIVID and feels betrayed and sends the girl from her home. and thats all I remember. I know it must have had a happy ending for me to love it so much but I can't remember what happens I think the aunt welcomes the girl back but still doesnt approve. I think she welcomes her back because she is sick, but that might be a bleed over from another movie. HELP!!!


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