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I watched this movie about 20 years back. its about a student visiting a countryside and he fell in love with a country girl (she may be mute, i cant remember). One night after a farewell party, they make love a barn, and he left the next morning, promising to come back and take her with him. She waited everyday under a tree by the bridge for him to come and meet her but he did not show up. She became pregnant and died while in labour. The child lived and became a farmer. The man came back one day to visit hte country again with his new and posh wife. A country man who recognised him told him the story of the girl and why she is buried by the roadside (to wait for his return) and also told him that her son (the man's son) is tending to the sheep. As the man drove pass the field, he saw the boy with blonde hair and eyes that looked just like himself. Please help me find this movie. Thank you.


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