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Hi, I am trying to find the movie, title,anything. I saw that movie before maybe 15 years or more. I remember it was an old movie, but coloured movie. I don't remember who was acting in movie, but let's say there was no famus аctors. I think that movie starts somewhere in desert, one night, two women are gaving a birth. One is in tent with her huseband who is, I would say, sheik or soultan, something like that and their baby died on birth. Other woman is poor, she gave a birt on healthy boy but she died. Her huseband then, desperate, gave his son to that woman and man in tent, because he was poor and his wife died and he didn't had a choice. Than, movie goes on when that baby boy is adult. I forgot wat happened later. Just remember that he had first mariage than second(he had right to have more wifes),then he again renew his love with first wife, i think he had two daughters and once he found out who he really is, he met his real father. It was movie split in 2 parts, maybe it was made by more parts of tv episodes. I don't remember the name of the movie, but I am almost sure that it had something with sheik or sultan. But, in that time I was a little girl, I wasn't know any of english so I couldn't remember the original title and maybe in my country that was free translate, so who knows. Maybe it could help anyway. I am trying to find this movie for very long time, maybe someone can recognize some part of this I wrote here, so please, help! I hope you will understand what I am talking about, my english is not so god. Thank you anyway!!! Regards to all V.


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