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It’s an American black & white movie. A woman who’s a hustler marries a man, the husband is a drunk who performs on stage with a man with an accent who does gun tricks. The wife wants to leave her drunk husband, but she can’t, so she tricks the man shooting his gun on stage to kill him “accidentally“ while doing one of their shows. He falls in love with her, and gets away with the murder. They agree to meet 3 months later at a hotel in chicago, and she blows him off. He goes broke trying to find her, then an old dancer tells him to look for a guy the woman was always attracted to. He finds her at a show she was performing in with her new husband. He sneaks in backstage and pulls a gun on her, she gets it from him and tells him that she always hated him, and played him for a fool. She shoots him a few times, then he strangles her to death with his hands. He dies with his head in some guys lap after telling him the whole story, right when the police show up.


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