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I watched a movie on netlix over the summer. It had a young teenage girl that was being sent to work in a rather large building. It was either an orphanage or a boarding school. I'm not sure if it was a mix of boys and girls or just girls. The young lady starts working as a maid in a way. She spent her time cleaning and working under others. At night she always hears a sound almost like whispering or a scream. Each time it leads her to the bathroom and some how there is always something running. Also, somewhere in the movie she makes good friends with the chief or a lady there and she finds some kittens and either the young teen killed the kittens or the chief/lady. After the movie goes on, the teens goes into the bathroom and finds something odd in the mirror and breaks it. The mirror lead to a room that has the box you get into and send yourself down. Also the girl was pregnant at the time. When she went down there, she saw that there was a asylum and it was all white. The kids start to come near her (dead kids) and surround her and her unborn child. In the end, she dies giving birth to her baby and the baby is out of the womb but dead. Her spirit and her baby was left in the house in her room surrounded by all the children that had died. Can someone help me find out the name?! Please?!??


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