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I am looking for a swedish film about a young man whose father dies of hypothermia, after rescuing two children from a raft on a frozen river. The son then lives with his older sister, and her alcoholic husband, who steals the son's (Ingmar) inheritance money and hides it in a pillow. The husband then climbs to the top of a partially finished church, falls off, and dies, without revealing where Ingmar's money is. The sister remarries and has a daughter, while Ingmar lives with and grows up with another family. Much of the community is influenced by a charismatic preacher that the wirld is soon to end, and they must sell all their belongings, and move to the Holy Land. Ingmar's sister, her family, as well as Ingmar's live interest, follow the preacher to Palestine. Ingmar marries a woman whom he does not love, goes to Palestine, persuades his former love interest to return to Sweden? And he and his wife have a son.


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