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Hi. I am looking for the name of an (English) movie which was shown on tv between 1984 - 1990. It is the story of a pretty english girl who works as a maid in the mansion/castle of a wealthy family. The son of the family falls in love with her and when his family finds out she's expecting a child they force her to leave the house. She walks under the rain to the next town/village and eventually finds work, gives birth to a child (boy?) and becomes rather famous for her delicious cakes, marmelades, etc. She builds up a big elegant department store, probably Harrods. Years go by and they meet again but I cannot remember if his family has lost all their posessions or if he is unhappily married but definetly regrets not to have been true to his feelings for her. I do hope that one of you knows the names of this movie!! Thank you.


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